The Wauquiez Centurion 57 awarded "European Luxury Yacht of the Year 2015"

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The jury officially awarded the Centurion 57 "European Yacht of the Year 2015" in the "Luxury cruisers" category.

A few jury''s comments:


“With the 57, Wauquiez is certainly sending out a clear message that it is back in the business of producing quality cruisers for discerning sailors. The Centurion 57 represents good build quality at a reasonable price, a comfortable and well-finished yacht throughout. It was also one of only a couple of yachts to venture out in the big seas and swells when the wind was up to a Force 7, and cope commendably with the conditions. It is not the most modern looking of the category, indeed the Berret-Racoupeau hull is taken from the seven-year-old 55 Pilot Saloon, but it is perhaps the most timeless, with the heart of a real cruising yacht. More versatile than radical she feels robust, well thought-out and finished with a warm and calm interior.”


“A sensible choice – a bit anonymous from the outside, but I fell in love when I came aboard, strengthened after sailing her in 30 knots + wind. A very good boat for sailing and living on board, she is as safe as a typical cruising boat, but with a lot better performance.”


“In severe conditions the Wauquiez 57 proved to have just the right combination of skills. Strong, safe and still quite quick on her heels she was easy on the crew and refreshingly simple to sail. Her clever layout and a positively rich and warm ambience down below put her first on the jury''s list.”

The Wauquiez Centurion 57 awarded "European Luxury Yacht of the Year 2015"

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