The Optio moves towards an electrical and customized version

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Since her launch in 2013, the Optio moves towards a customization program to make each boat truly unique and matching with every sailing programs. This year, the electric propulsion as well as the customization of the exterior and interior fittings will be pointed out.

Two ways of propulsion are available: electric or thermic

In addition to the actual thermic propulsion (13 cv), the 100% electric propulsion of 8.3 KW (11 cv) has been developed in an environmentally friendly way.

This electric engine can be supplied with:

- 4 lead batteries, with an autonomy between 2 hours (9NM@5kn) to 4 hours (15NM@4kn)

- or 4 Lithium batteries with an autonomy between 3.5 hours (17NM@5kn) to 6 hours (25NM@4kn)

Thanks to this new electric engine, the Optio cruising speed may be propelled up to 5 knots and can reach a top speed of 7.5 knots.

The main advantages of the electric propulsion are :

- a fuel economy and a saving of time (no need to go the station, the batteries can take up to 5 hours to recharge and even under sails through the hydro-generation system)

- a silent navigation

- a reliable and simplified maintenance

- the environmental sustainability

- a low-end torque, which makes easier manoeuvring in the marina

Interior fittings :

The Optio has been designed as a « mini yacht » and boasts top-of-the-range and modern interior fittings. The « racing version » can be customized to match with each owner''s sailing program.

The « cruising version » is the benchmark. This version boasts the finest interior fittings : a galley, separate toilets, lining on hull sides and ceiling. Spending a comfortable night on board before a regatta or a short sailing trip is possible as well as relaxing on the large sunbathing area forward of the mast.

To make each boat truly unique, each owner can choose all the exterior and interior fittings colors.

Exterior fittings :

Among the optional features, which mainly include a fold down cockpit table and a folding transom, 2 sorts of deck finishes are suggested : a teak-lathed deck for more elegance or a antiskid surface for a more sporty use.

Last but not least, the hull coating color and finish can be customized. Indeed, each owner can choose either a glossy or a metallic paint finish.

The Optio moves towards an electrical and customized version

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