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Offshore - Aquaterra New Wichard Knife Ranges

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Wichard has been synonymous with great quality marine knives for almost 50 years. Our knives have even become a symbol of

sailing itself. Over the last few years, how we navigate has changed drastically. These developments have driven Wichard to

develop a whole new range of knives, enabling us to meet the needs and expectations of people out on the water today.

2 lines of marine knives for different types of user:

From now on, instead of just one range, Wichard will offer two different ranges of folding knives – the Offshore line and the Aquaterra

line. Each of these lines will be adapted to a different type of user.

The Offshore range, for intensive sailors and water-sport enthusiasts

The Offshore range includes two models available in three colours. They are specially designed for people who are serious about

their nautical activities (sailboat cruising, light craft sailing, regattas, sailing instructors, nautical professionals, etc.).

They offer a variety of functions which make the Offshore models particularly well adapted to water-sports: excellent corrosion

resistance, great cutting power on all rope types, one-handed opening for ease of use while sailing, a serrated blade, night visibility,

safety locking blade and a strap so you don’t lose it out on the water.

The Offshore range includes two models:

• The simple serrated blade Offshore model.

• The shackle opener-marlinspike blade Offshore model. The shackle opener-marlinspike enables you to open or tighten shackles

on board. The marlinspike feature enables you to perform seamanship work and to undo over-tightened knots.


The Aquaterra range, for water and outdoor sports

The Aquaterra collection includes three models designed for a variety of different applications: fishing, powerboating, boardsports,

kayaking, outdoor activities and occasional use.

Wichard’s Aquaterra knives are both simple and resistant. They offer a strong cutting blade and good corrosion resistance, as well

as other features such as a corkscrew.

Aquaterra knives offer very good value for money (from 17.50€, including VAT).

The three Aquaterra models are:

• A straight-bladed Aquaterra knife

• A serrated-blade Aquaterra knife

• A straight-bladed Aquaterra knife with a corkscrew

Performance and quality: a key objective

Wichard knives are designed first and foremost as tools to fulfil their primary functions and satisfy their users.

To meet these objectives, Wichard’s Research and Development department has run extensive tests in order to ensure the general

overall resistance of the knives (corrosion, mechanical resistance, etc.) meets our standards.

We have used specific treatments on our blades in order to visibly improve their cutting power. These tests are then validated by

a foreign, independent laboratory.

Our knives are also designed to resist extreme temperatures and guarantee that they still work effectively from -60°C to +100°C.

A pioneering eco-design project:

As an industrial company, Wichard is especially committed to protecting the environment. We incorporate eco-design right into

the heart of our knife development processes demonstrated by:

• Manufactured in France (local and national)

• Sourcing our materials from France and Europe

• Reducing the number of components

• Using recyclable materials (packaging)

• Raising awareness about environmental protection and ensuring that our suppliers meet our standards.


The Offshore and Aquaterra ranges will be presented at the METS 2015 trade show t on the Wichard stand

(hall 1, stand 723), and at the Salon Nautique de Paris trade fair (hall 2.1, stand C60).

Our products will be available end of January 2016.

Offshore - Aquaterra New Wichard Knife Ranges

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