Sailing is all about being one with nature

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Powered by the wind, you can sail in perfect harmony with nature.

If you combine the power of the wind with sun and waterpower, you can sail without leaving an environmental footprint on your sailing vacation. This is precisely what Windelo is all about! And the icing on the cake: sailing a Windelo would bring you in and out of your mooring spot in perfect silence! No disturbing the wildlife nor your mooring neighbors!

Wondering how all this works? You might know already that Windelo catamarans are fitted with two 20 kW electric motors (53.8 kWh 48 V) giving you autonomy for up to 4 hours of navigation using electric motors. Four hours of cruising under electric power per day are perfectly enough for maneuvers, island hopping, visiting marinas…

The battery bank is recharged first with solar panels up to 4 800 W and hydro generating propellers when under sail. It is also possible to opt for a wind turbine as an option. This is ample to power your boat and supply all onboard energy (appliances, devices, instruments, water maker, etc.). If you face weather conditions without wind, or some other situations where you need some extra power, the backup generator, will give you more than 1 100 miles of autonomy under power (sailing at 6 knots).

So, how about taking advantage of what nature offers us: wind, sun, and water, and let's opt for sustainable sailing!

Sailing is all about being one with nature

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