Ready to discover Zig Zag's owner's cabin on the port side?

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With her thin and slender hulls, Windelos are performance bluewater cruisers that will give you a sensational feeling while crossing the seas and oceans.

In addition, your sailing journey will also be very comfortable and spectacular! Let's discover why!

Many of you have been curious about the helmsman's berth/daybed in the nacelle. Besides being a great spot to rest while navigating or enjoy the daybed to read or relax, it also has another functional purpose! And yes, the helmsman's berth in the nacelle adds considerable space to the owner's cabin.

As you know, Zig Zag, a Windelo 54 Yachting, benefits from a four-cabin configuration, which also defines the owner's space of this catamaran.

Bright, spacious, with a large comfortable (160 x 200 cm) bed facing the sea, the cabin has a desk/dressing table and small bench (which also serves as a storage box). With the hanging closet, chests, drawers, lockers, and ample space under the bed, you will have enough storage space while discovering the four corners of the world!

And that view! Absolutely breathtaking! Imagine this when you open your eyes the first thing in the morning? Thanks to this large wraparound porthole of more than three meters, you have a panoramic view of the environment! A glowing sunset to end a glorious day... which you admire from your bed...

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Ready to discover Zig Zag's owner's cabin on the port side?

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