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Aquabanas Party Bana

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Your own party island

AquaBanas Line – Yachtbeach AquaBanas Party Bana

AquaBanas are high quality inflatable floating plaforms that connect together to form larger floating platforms called Bana Cities on the water. All systems start with either the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana, and grow from there. Here on the Party Bana you can have lunch on the water, or hang out all day long. This Bana is a foundational Bana for creating a Bana City. When you are sitting on the Party Bana it is very comfortable that you can put your feed in the water. The mesh net protects you from jellyfish or any other sea particle or even helps you when your cell phone or key drops out of your pocket. On the Party Bana there is even a notch for a cooler. The non-slip surface is easy to maintain and very simple to clean. The quick step access helps you like a ladder to get out of the water without any efforts. You can also put an Aqua Bana Tent on it. Party Bana can easily be connected with every single Yachtbeach platform on 3 different sides due to the handle connection system.

Standard Equipment- Aquabanas Party Bana:

Carrying Wrap

Repair Kit

Instruction Sheet

Non-Slip Surface

Aquabanas Party Bana

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