Boat Stands and Cradles

Massimo Vita
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Product Line Launch

Yachtgarage is proud to announce the launch of a new product line. Yacht's stand and cradles are available in any size and with different loads capacity. The products are made in galvanized steel S235JR and have the load certifications. Thanks to our manufacturer in China we are able to offer a very competitive price.

Some example:

Hull Stand Model BS001, 12 Ton, adjustable height from 1050 to 1180mm 199,00€ including shipment worldwide

Yacht Cradle Model YS001, 5 Ton, adjustable height from 1150 to 1660 mm 94,00€ including shipment worldwide

Yacht Cradle Model YS002, 6 Ton, adjustable height from 1430 to 2340 mm 189,00€ including shipment worldwide

Boat Stands and Cradles

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