Teak Decks Grey vs. Black caulking

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TDS SIS440 deckcaulk grey and white vs. black color

Light Colored Caulk

As the premier manufacturer of caulking and epoxies for teak and synthetic decks, Teakdecking Systems agrees with the pros and cons of grey [and white] caulk as summarized by Bryony McCabe in the "Superyacht News" article "Teak decks: grey caulking vs black caulking."

Link to "Superyacht News" Article

The selection of light colored caulk is increasing for its modern aesthetics and surface temperature, yet black caulk is still the most durable and requires less cleaning and maintenance. In the 10 years since the introduction of our light colored caulk, we have found it necessary to adapt our procedures for application, cure time, sanding and general maintenance.

To learn more about this we invite you to read our "White & Gray Caulking: Installation Guidelines" or please call one of our Product experts for more information: 941-756-0600

Link to "White & Gray Caulking Installation Guidelines"


SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking

Durability you demand

The one-part, past-like neutral cure formulation forms a tough, flexible, solid rubber when exposed to moisture in the air; no primer required*

- No sagging during cure

- Excellent UV stability

- Chemical resistance

- Non-corrosive to substrates

*when instructions are followed as written

Over 35 years of proven success

TDS SIS440 grey and white caulk vs. black colors
TDS SIS440 grey and white caulk vs. black colors

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