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Yacht illumination - the same comfort as at home

Interior & Exterior LED Lights INTENSA

The boat is our home in small and good illumination provides us special comfort during yachting. With the continuous development of ASTEL MARINE products, the company comes closer to the yacht users who are looking for the same standard of lighting as they would require for their homes.

The LED lights of INTENSA series with electronic driver built in waterproof anodized aluminium casing are suitable for internal and external illumination of new yachts or as a replacement of worn-out lights.

In general, the main feature is high lighting intensity at a low power consumption. The additional advantages are integrated dimmer in the light and the possibility of 2 or 3 wire system. Advanced optical system with reflector and holographic diffuser allows perfect light spread with different color temperature options for interior and exterior.

There are more models of INTENSA series available. The user can choose from the various prestige massive face shapes and different material and color finishes. There are also more possibilities in power and color of lighting as well as in dimensions of the lights. All models are designed for operating at extreme temperature and voltage conditions with thermal, transient and reverse polarity protections.

Yacht illumination - the same comfort as at home


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