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Underwater Dock LED Light

Professional and Quality LED Lighting Solution for Marinas

With the upgrade of the yacht and pool lights, the company Astel has developed an underwater light designed for special illumination in marinas, on piers and walkways along the water.

The novelty CONVEX Underwater LED Dock Light with 18 high-power LEDs and luminous flux of 16.000 lm with external 100-240 Vac driver enables very simple installation on fixed surface of piers, floating pontoons, docks or on nature coasts, lakes and river banks or bridges.

- Truncated Cone Surface-mount Designed Casing

- Marine Bronze Casing

- Luminous flux: max. 16.000 lm

- Cool White Color of Lighting

- 6 mm Tempered Glass Optical Window

- High-effeciency Lens

- Polarity Protection

- Transient Protection

- Thermal Protection

- Power Supply Unit 230Vac

- Digital Dimming (optional)

- DMX512 Network Control (Optional)

- Dimensions: Ø 166 X 34 mm

Underwater Dock LED Light


  • Dutovlje 138, 6221 Dutovlje, Slovenia
  • Astel d.o.o.