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Daevi collaborates with the Barcelona Nautical Institute

Daevi collaborates in the course of Maintenance of Sport Boats and Pleasure craft taught in the Barcelona Nautical Institute.

As always, in Daevi we are socially responsible in our actions, doing our bit to future generation of proffessionals.

This time, we wanted to collaborate with the Nautical Institute of Barcelona together with the Barcelona Cluster Nautical and the Éxit Foundation to support the Boat Maintenance course with 15 young students who will learn theoretical and practical areas .

Along with other partners such as ADP Yacht Painters and JOTUN Nautical Paintings, we give material and experience to these young students who are trying to integrate themselves into the job world of marine repair and maintenance, which has been in demand lately.

After finishing the course they will obtain a degree certifying their learning in boat maintenance of several areas: structural part, surfaces, deck, rigging, engines, carpentry, comfort systems, electrical and electronic systems.

The content of the course begins with theoretical classes to acquire knowledge about boat and marine environment from 0. They will visit a dock to know the movements of a boat from the water and perform practical exercises with tools, auxiliaries, painting techniques and the process of repairing and repainting a boat.

They will know about Daevi surface protection products and will use them to achieve the most professional result. They will appreciate the qualities of the products they will use in order to obtain the best performance.

If you, like them, want to use our surface protection products for nautical purposes, check our catalogue and contact us. Our masking system specialists will contact you to advise you about the most suitable products according to your needs.

We share with you some pictures of the beginning of the course during the visit of Foundation of Oceanic Navigation of Barcelona (FNOB), to know closely the world of ocean navigation and transoceanic sail races.

Also some photos of pupils making jobs in practical workshop inside Nautical Institute of Barcelona. All of them using our paintsuits and mask to protect theirselves.

Daevi collaborates with the Barcelona Nautical Institute


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