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Giotto folding carbon ladder

Modular carbon ladder

Folding ladders are fairly common and many customers have been asking a folding version of our Giotto ladders for many years. It took us some time, but we are now very satisfied with the technical solutions we are providing for the hinges.

The folding mechanism is extremely compact, elegant, durable and easy to use. And of course very light.

You can finally have a carbon ladder which you can leave installed on the boat during sailing.

You just need to raise the 3 bottom steps (2 on the 4 steps version) and lock them to the convenient clamps, to rest them parallel to the upper part of the ladder.

Available from 4 to 7 steps, from 40 cm to 65 cm wide, starting at less than 4 kg.


  • Via Industria, 43, 30010 Camponogara VE, Italy
  • Exit Carbon