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The new Panda 5000i.Neo Marine Generator

Fischer Panda
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Innovative engine and generator technology designed by Fischer Panda

In the past two years Fischer Panda has developed its own diesel engine enabling them to offer a water-cooled 4 kW marine generator with all required certifications which are essential particularly for the important US market.

The first generator with this innovative water-cooled 1-cylinder engine will be available in spring 2016 - the new Panda 5000i.Neo.

Like all Fischer Panda inverter generators with variable speed control, the new model "Panda 5000i.Neo" is characterised by its high efficiency, quiet operation and compact design. Another advantage of the new inverter technology is the significant reduction of exhaust emission and fuel consumption.

In the course of 2016 the synchronous Panda 4000s generator is planned to be equipped with the new motor as well.

The certification of the engine for the US market is already in preparation. Following this, the Fischer Panda engine will be one of very few water-cooled single-cylinder engines with a valid US EPA-TIER certification worldwide. Compared to other diesel engines in this performance class the FPE320 engine is also equipped with a separate oil filter.

- 4 kW generator

- own Fischer Panda Motor FPE320

- suitable for the US market

- motor suited for Panda 4000s - entry generator

The new Panda 5000i.Neo Marine Generator

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