Enjoy relaxed cruising with the new Fischer Panda Electric Motor

Fischer Panda
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Only recently Fischer Panda has launched their new Aziprop and Shaft motors available as 10 kW/48V, 600 rpm and 20 kW/48V, 1200 rpm. Now the manufacturer of electric propulsion systems and generators from Paderborn/Germany has extended the range by a small and very efficient Pod motor.

This is Fischer Panda's Aziprop motor which provides an output of 7.5 kW at 48 V DC with 2500 rpm and a torque of 28 Nm.

The new motor is 100 % efficient within its operating range.

Any commercial propeller can be used. Thanks to its moulded winding and gearless design the motor features a very high reliability and durability.

It has a very low weight and is therefore well suited for small sports and fishing boats. Furthermore, it features permanent magnet technology and requires only little maintenance.

This Fischer Panda Aziprop motor can also be operated with Fischer Panda's air-cooled motor controller EasyBox. Additional water cooling is not required which also reduces the installation effort.

Via plug connections the EasyBox is connected with the throttle and the display. The battery bank and power supply for the electric motor are directly and easily connected with the EasyBox via screw connections.

The EasyBox allows the skipper to limit the speed via the "Eco" switch. This reduces the maximum possible battery load and provides longer distances.

The EasyBox can be used in a battery-only system or in a parallel hybrid system. Its purchase price starts from EUR 8,815.00 excl. VAT.

Further information and functions can be accessed with a PC connection.

"We offer skippers a lot of possibilities with our new electric motors and the EasyBox," explains Martin Mews, Director of Development for diesel-electric drive systems, "Our new 7.5 kW motor is the perfect option for small boats that only require a small drive power."

Key Words

• new Aziprop Motor with 7.5 kW/48 V output

• easy installation in combination with the air-cooled EasyBox

• environmentally friendly system

Fischer Panda will exhibit a demo version of this new motor at Cannes Yachting Festival, stand no. PAN326.

Enjoy relaxed cruising with the new Fischer Panda Electric Motor

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