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New Fischer Panda iSeries Generator for Superyachts

Fischer Panda
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Panda 25i - output: 0 - 20 kW (25 kVA)

Panda 45i - output: 0 - 36 kW (45 kVA)

Panda 60i - output: 0 - 48 kW (60 kVA)

Panda 150i - output: 0 - 120 kW (150 kVA)

The Panda 60i PMS is of particular interest for owners of superyachts and large boats having varying electrical demand onboard. The variable speed technology takes full advantage of its modern diesel engine designed to run at low speeds and meeting current emission standards.

The electrical load is provided with a constant output voltage of 400V/50 Hz or 240V/60Hz via the inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the appliances in use but due to the inverter the output voltage always remains constant. This means that for most load profiles exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are up to 20 % lower than with a traditional fixed speed generator of equivalent rating. Additional benefits include a pure sine wave output with exceptional voltage and frequency stability.

All generator components are 100 % water-cooled. Thanks to the very good sound-insulation and low vibration the Panda 60i PMS is an ideal silent night generator.

Via the digital display of the remote control panel all generator parameters can be monitored; this includes mobile devices.

With a weight of 770 kg this generator is up to 30 % lighter than conventional generators on the market and thanks to its compact dimensions of 1430 mm x 720 mm x 880 mm space savings are considerable.

Besides, the Panda 60i PMS is also designed for parallel operation with other different Fischer Panda i-generator types.

Weight and space savings as well as the optional very flexible parallel operation allow an individual and very cost-saving energy supply. Compared to existing generator systems, we have achieved a milestone in the generator development by offering such a wide range of performances," says Jens Langer, Sales & Marketing Manager at Fischer Panda GmbH.

The parallel operation of several iSeries generators is possible without additional cables or another switch cabinet. All generator systems are fully independent from another and can be operated individually. Therefore a constant power supply is guaranteed all the time.

New Fischer Panda iSeries Generator for Superyachts

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