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New Aziprop by Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda
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Any commercial propeller up to 22 " (35 mm ISO 1:10) can be used for the different outputs and speeds.

The Aziprop (POD) motor is characterised by its high torque (160 Nm). It is also suited for the air-cooled Fischer Panda EasyBox. Additional water-cooling is not required.

The EasyBox 20kW/48V can also be used for a motor with 600 rpm and 320 Nm. This system is very sturdy and has a very high torque. It is particularly suited for passenger vessels or for commercial use.

Fischer Pandas electric drive motors meet all essential requirements of the directives and standards applicable in Europe.

The drive is operated at extra-low voltage <60V. Therefore, maximum safety in use and installation are guaranteed. Dangerous electrical shocks are excluded.

New Aziprop by Fischer Panda

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