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Unique Multiple Parallel Connection of Fischer Panda i-Series Generators

Fischer Panda
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Each inverter independently checks if a voltage is present within the on-board power system. A communication cable is no longer necessary. If no voltage is present, the inverter connects the generator to the power system; if there is voltage, the inverter synchronises to the existing power system and then connects the generator. This parallel connection does not require a parallel switching box as the connection is carried out directly through the inverter.

The load distribution allows an equal load sharing of all generators connected in parallel.

Additional cables or a switching cabinet are not required. All generators that are connected in parallel operate independently from each other. They can also be operated individually if required.

This ensures a constant power supply at all times.

Jens Langer, Sales & Marketing Director at Fischer Panda GmbH, said: “The parallel connection is very interesting, especially for multihulls, as the installation of two or more generators allows the weight to be distributed within the vessel.”

Fischer Panda iSeries generators are very popular worldwide because of their variable speed, their high efficiency, low noise and compact design. Thanks to the inverter technology, both exhaust emission and fuel consumption can be remarkably reduced.


- Multiple parallel connection of i-Series generators of different sizes

- No communication or synchronisation cable between the generators

- No parallel switchbox which is usually required

- Synchronisation into an existing power system possible

- Particularly interesting for multihulls, as weight can be distributed

- Parallel connection from now on available for all i-Series generators at little extra cost for the generator

Unique Multiple Parallel Connection of Fischer Panda i-Series Generators

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