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"EasyBox Drive System" made by Fischer Panda - Easy to install, easy to drive

Fischer Panda
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The EasyBox comprises motor controller, a DC-DC converter (48V to 24V), fuses and system connections. Via plug connections the EasyBox is connected with the throttle and the display. The battery bank and power supply for the electric motors are connected via screws at the bottom of the box.

Customers can choose between air and water cooling. The air-cooled version is fitted with a handle so that it can be easily removed. This prevents against theft when the skipper is absent from the boat for longer periods. The water-cooled version requires the installation of an additional small circulation pump and an expansion tank.

If a fixed propeller is installed, the batteries can be recharged using a regeneration function when the boat is sailing. Battery-powered commercial vessels have the option for an ‘Eco-switch'' which limits the maximum power available. This prevents the batteries from being drained too soon and allows greater ranges can be achieved.

Further information and functions can be accessed with a PC connection

"The Easy-Box offers state of the art control electronics and can be used in both a single battery system and a parallel hybrid system. The installation is very easy. There are lots of reasons for choosing a Whisperprop drive system: cruising is almost silent when operating electrically, comfort on board is improved and a battery-supported electric motor is available at any time", says Martin Mews, Head of Development of Diesel-Electric Propulsion Systems at Fischer Panda GmbH.

"EasyBox Drive System" made by Fischer Panda - Easy to install, easy to drive

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