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Fischer Panda is NMEA 2000 certified

Fischer Panda GmbH
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As of April 2020, Fischer Panda GmbH is officially NMEA2000 certified.

With this certification, Fischer Panda fulfils the requirements for the most important marine bus communication and is allowed to mark its compatible xSeries and iSeries generators with the NMEA 2000 logo.

Communication between certified Fischer Panda generators and the NMEA 2000 bus is achieved by using an NMEA adaptor. This simplifies the integration of Fischer Panda generators and other system components onboard.

NMEA 2000 is a plug-and-play communication system. Equipment designed to this standard can exchange data, commands and status messages with other compatible devices via a single channel. It is based on CAN (Controller Area Network).

The NMEA 2000 standard was defined and is controlled by the US-based National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) which is an association of electronics manufacturers and distributors in the marine industry. The association promotes the development of technical standards for communication between marine electronics devices.

Fischer Panda is NMEA 2000 certified

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