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Parallel connection of Fischer Panda generators with different performances

Fischer Panda GmbH
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Fischer Panda xSeries generators with different performances can now be connected in parallel

In addition to parallel power solutions for their variable-speed inverter generators, Fischer Panda now offers the parallel connection of their constant-speed generators with differing performances.

This means that two generators with a constant speed and different size can be connected in parallel.

An electrical cabinet containing a parallel module is available from Fischer Panda to connect the two generators. The power output cables of the generators are connected within. The parallel module controls the sychronization and switching.

The parallel connection is particularly suitable for the connection of the normally larger day generator with the night generator during peak periods. In the evening or at night, when power demands are lower, the smaller night generator can operate on its own. The advantage of the second smaller generator means considerable reduction in operating sound and fuel consumption. This significantly improves comfort onboard.

Installing two generators is interesting for yacht owners who require a redundant power system. This means that they can switch the power supply from one generator to the other without interrupting the system’s power supply during maintenance schedules.

Besides, commercial vessels can benefit from the parallel operation of two generators to form a backup power system. One generator is always available in reserve.

The use of a single smaller generator may also reduce the use of load banks required to prevent light load operation on a larger unit.

The parallel connection might be an interesting option with regard to exhaust emission standards (e.g. on inland waterways or in the USA). It is generally easier to meet such standards by using two generators with a lower output than one generator with a high performance.

For owners who require three generators to be connected in parallel, Fischer Panda recommends their variable speed iSeries generators.

Parallel connection of Fischer Panda generators with constant-speed
Parallel connection of Fischer Panda generators with constant-speed

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