Fischer Panda announces new 5kW shaft drive and new ePanda series for 2023

Fischer Panda
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With the introduction of the ePanda Series 8.0, consisting of ePanda Drive, ePanda Power Unit and ePanda Control Unit, Fischer Panda is responding to the strong demand for complete solutions in the lower power classes.

“Smart solutions are needed to further advance electrification on the water. With the introduction of the ePanda Series, we are taking the next step towards a "one-stop shop" for individual drive solutions and mobile, self-sufficient energy supply. We offer ready-to-install solutions to make this step as simple as possible”, says Sven Soetebier, Managing Director at Fischer Panda, “The ePanda Series combines years of experience in the market, with an eye on the future without losing sight of now."

The ePanda Series 8.0 will be the first product to hit the market. It includes a newly developed 5 kW shaft drive.

The air-cooled drive, that forms a fixed unit with the inverter, is brushless, sensorless and features permanent magnet technology. This makes it a low-maintenance, extremely efficient drive and weighing only 22 kg.

For the ePanda Power Unit Fischer Panda cooperates with strong partners.

The ePanda 8.0 Series includes a 14.4kWh MG LFP 280A kit, a BMS MG Master LV from MG Energy Systems. The ready-to-install solution is completed with a load device, corresponding cables, fuses and matching display.

New 5 kW Shaft Drive Panda For 48 V Systems ePanda Series 8.0
New 5 kW Shaft Drive Panda For 48 V Systems ePanda Series 8.0

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