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Cook Outside with the Lite-Touch Q® Outdoors Waterproof Burner

Complete your boat's outdoor galley with our innovative 1 Burner Lite-Touch Q® Outdoors Cooktop. The only UL approved cooktop on the market for use both indoors or outdoors. The functional water-proof design allows for use in any type of weather conditions, rain or shine.

With the Lite-Touch Q® Outdoors, precision and simplicity are at the tip of your fingers. Effortlessly tap the digital ON/OFF circle to start it up and signal the beginning of an elegant meal. The subtly textured black glass with stylish muted graphics will enhance any outdoor cooking space. Slopped silhouettes with a mirror finish polished edge blend seamlessly into the countertop.

The 1200 watt element packs enough energy to cook virtually any dish you desire and keep those mushrooms and onions warm as you wait for the steak to come off your grill.

Available in 120 volts with touch control, infinite heat control and quick-to-heat radiant ribbon elements. Safety features include auto shut-off, heat limiting cooking surface protectors, an On indicator light and a Hot burner indicator light. Equipped with a GFCI power cord and 3-prong plug that fits into any standard electrical outlet.

Kenyon offers boat owners a wide range of electric grills and radiant cooktops all manufactured in the USA. And as all Kenyon products, backed by uncompromising quality, exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty and the best customer service in the industry.


  • Kenyon International, Inc.