telescopic boat hook

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To attach a buoy quickly, easy and safely!

Two hooks in one

Easy release from moorings (trip line included)

Easy tying up in locks

Simply clip on to the ring of the buoy and cleat off the line on board

By tightening the screw you can retrieve the anchor buoy or other items that may have fallen over board

Both sizes include 10 m spliced lines (Standard Ø 12 mm / Strong Ø 14 mm) an red line (Ø 4 mm)

Available in two sizes

Tipp: Up to 8 tons you should chose the standard size. More than 8 tons we recommend the strong version

To be used in conjunction with a SWI-TEC telescopic boat hook, adaptor or boat hook tip.

Important: Don’t use it for permanent tie-up!

telescopic boat hook

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