Rotax makes every kind of installation float

Rotax Marine
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Whether it is to maintain a pump afloat or to make a conveyor float, the mines and quarries operators have to find floating solutions. That may not sound like a big deal, but Rotax offers a wide range of solutions with its floats.

In quarries, from pickling, extraction to transfer of aggregates, we find regularly needs of floatability:

- Floating pumps for the draining of a sedimentation basin, mine or storm waters

- Floating conveyor for the transfer of materials extracted under water

- Etc…

Furthermore, the use of heavy machines requires reliable and sustainable solutions.

Subsidiary of Poralu Marine, leader of high-end harbor facilities, Rotax conceives,

manufactures and sells a wide range of pontoon floats, equipping Marinas all over the world for more than 15 years.

Rotax offers a range of 7 models, with different dimensions and buoyancies, rotomoulded heavy-duty polyethylene, to withstand extreme conditions, and to suit every kind of situation.

Rotax floats are EPS foamed, ensuring their unsinkability, even in case of shocks pulling the fissuring of the polyethylene shell.

Rotax floats are 100% recyclable, 15 years guaranteed. Their conception, the technical data of raw materials used, the systematic controls of thickness, waterproofness and water absorbtion, make a product strong, reliable and resistant.

Finally, the assembling of Rotax floats is very easy, they can be screwed directly on every kind of frames.

Rotax makes every kind of installation float

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