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With the first Seawind 1600 now being constructed and ready for a mid 2016 completion we are looking forward to see her sailing the Mediterranean next summer. The first ordered 1600 is a 3 cabin owner’s version and will feature a modern European fitout.

The new owner, an ex Seawind 1000 owner and current Seawind 1250 owner (see brokerage listing for 1250 “Northstar” HERE) is looking for something a little bigger than his current boat, with long distance live aboard cruising in mind. As a racer the extra performance of daggerboards and an impressive Polar diagram from Rachel Pugh (see HERE) made this luxury cruiser all too appealing.

For many, this blend of luxury and performance is exactly what is missing in the market today. The 1600 perfectly covers this niche in this new catamaran design and will be an impressive boat to sail and live aboard.


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