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Seawind 1260 wins Cruising World Boat of the Year 2019

Best Cruising Catamaran Under 50 Feet

The Seawind design office has just had some exciting news and we cant wait to share it with you… Cruising World Judges have named the Seawind 1260 as the Best Cruising Catamaran Under 50 Feet! What a great achievement and positive reinforcement to our entire design team, this award gives merit to the countless hours of design and engineering that has gone in to each and every one of our models. The 1260 builds upon the success of it’s predecessors, the 38′ Seawind 1160 (2017 Cruising World Boat of the Year) and 35′ Seawind 1000 (Australia’s most successful Catamaran, with over 230 sold).

With some stiff competition up for review from almost every major catamaran builder, this year the judges focused purely on boats that would make for a great cruiser or live-aboard, obviously playing well to the strengths of the 1260 in comparison to the many other charter focused models our competitors are building.

So lets take a look at the top five defining reasons this boat stands out in this crowded market of sub 50 foot cruising catamarans:

1. Protected Safe Steering

Dual helm stations are found on every model, and offer 360-degree visibility, even on the largest 1600 model. This allows the skipper to sail safely in crowded harbor conditions, and to keep an eye on the crew when offshore. Large targa tops offer protection from the harsh offshore conditions, both sun and rain, while panoramic opening windows provide ventilation as well as visibility. Seawinds offer the protection of a pilothouse yacht, with the visibility of and helming advantages of a catamaran.

2. Indoor/Outdoor Living

The famous Australian indoor / outdoor, open lifestyle is entrenched in Seawind designs, with an unbeatable living area complimented by brilliant natural ventilation, protected cockpit lounge, and social helm seats putting the skipper in control as well as in the conversation. Best of all, you can enjoy what many cats compromise on…visibility – for the skipper and crew, with 360 degree views from the helm and saloon seats all within the protection of the fiberglass coachouse and targa top.

3. Proven Reliability First & Foremost

Every Seawind is built for cruising practicality, but delivered on a platform of fast, performance hulls with a fine bow entry and strong stiff construction. Poise is combined with power in the shape of a relatively powerful sail area, providing a power to weight ratio to set pulses racing. This additional power delivers the speed to bring significantly more destinations within reach, satisfying a modern market which may need to fit “extended” cruising into only a few weeks or months. But in all of the 600 boats launched, not one has ever shed her rig or indeed suffered a capsize. Seawinds are built on a track record of success.

4. Practical & Ergonomic

Seawind’s sustained success over so many years is built on key features which are part of our DNA. Huge cockpit doors open to combine the saloon and cockpit – a feature unmatched in the market, and which provide expansive and versatile living space. The new 1260 enhances this feature further by adding a modular cockpit arrangement. Move chairs and seats to arrange the space as you need it, as circumstances demand. Seat 8 people inside, and another 8 outside. Or bring everyone in and make that a dozen inside or easily clear the cockpit for a long passage. Every Seawind provides flexibility and luxury while sacrificing none of the practicality that made previous Seawind models the success they are. Seawinds provide unparalleled entertainment space while sacrificing nothing in offshore safety.

5. Sails like a REAL Sail Boat

A decisive choice was made early to put sailing performance before pure volume, which is not the case of many modern catamaran designers. Having the main beds above the bridge deck rather than in the hull, allows finer hull design which cuts through the water more efficiently and faster. The benefits of this are that you get to your destination faster and don’t become frustrated by the lag of performance after days at sea or in moderate to light winds.

The Seawind 1260 continues a long and successful series of 12-metre Seawinds which now thanks to the recognition of our friends at Cruising World will carry legendary status among true blue water cruisers. In many cases, this size offers the optimum balance between cruising robustness, and manageability for a couple. The sustained success of this series is built on key features which are part of Seawinds DNA. In the new 1260 opening up the tri-fold doors provides over 13m2 of open living space. The 1260 provides flexibility and luxury while sacrificing none of the practicality that made previous Seawind models the success they are.

Interested in learning more about 2019’s best Cruising Catamaran? Hear what some of our 1260 owners have to say:

Seawind Catamarans 1260 Wins Cruising World Boat of the Year 2019


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