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NEW: waste compactor / recycling by Tech Oil Products

Our Model R44 Rotating Bin recycling compactor is an excellent way to begin a recycling program on any vessel, workshop, or business. All operators should consider recycling as part of a complete offshore waste management plan. Utilizing a minimum amount of deck space, this compactor allows users to pre-sort the waste stream before compacting. Featuring 4 separate bins for recycling, trash is placed by users into the appropriate bin for plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, or whatever you deem to be necessary, such as two bins for paper, etc. This solution is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to maintain, with minimal to no training required.


Simple, Safe, Reliable Operation

Recyclable materials such as aluminum, paper, cardboard, tin, PETE plastics or HDPE plastics are separated at the source and compacted

Compact recyclable solid waste materials into disposable bags utilizing four compaction chambers on a rotating table under one triangular ram

Total footprint is enclosed with drip pan and includes drain plugs

Seal welded for strength and corrosion protection

Sand Blasted to white metal and zinc coated - Epoxy Top Coat

In bag (woven polypropylene) compaction with a 5:1 safety ratio

Compacts all types of waste

Optional food grinder attachment or filter crusher available


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